Fandom Report for Sep 27 2017: Kemono and One Punch Man lose out

Merchandise and Advertising

Tokyo gets a Godzilla store.

Your Name creators go to Canada.

Akira is $15 on Amazon.


The deadline for JAMS Anime’s first academic conference panel on teaching anime and manga is Saturday–submit your abstracts here!

Shonen Jump Podcast interviews the One Piece English translator.

You may think “The live-action Speed Racer was awful!” I did, too–without seeing it. So shut up and watch it.

Mother’s Basement looks at anime adaptations of classic largely Western literature–including Bungo Stray Dogs…but little on Poe? Okay. That can’t stand.

In Production

We now know the singers for the Fullmetal Alchemist live-action and Bungo Stray Dogs animated films.

New Releases

Batman becomes a ninja.

One Piece Kyoto art exhibit goes yokai.

New Gintama and Digimon simulcast on CrunchyRoll? I’m watching. The new Gintama preview is here.

Wrapping up on September 30th, the My Hero Academia anime casts for new characters such asWHAT DO YOU MEAN THE MANGA HAS A HIATUS?

The director Tatsuki is removed from Kemono Friends, and studio Kadokawa’s stocks did not take it well.

We get another season of A Certain Magical Index.

We get One Punch Man Season 2–but from JC Staff, not Madhouse. As much as I enjoy many JC Staff shows, the animation tends to be either more stiff or less fluid, with a fixation lately on light novel series prone to bouts of needless fanservice.


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