Fandom Report for Sep 20 2017

What do you mean Gintama live-action isn’t silly?

It’s been awhile since an update–so let’s see what’s happened this week, what I missed, and some older but significant content to share.


The Japanese government is allowing more foreign animators.

Sentai Filmworks is ending DVDs–and giving customers Blu-Ray players.

Fullmetal Alchemist vs live-action

Well, I thought the footage of the live-action Fullmetal Alchemist shown at Anime Expo had some of the best animation for an anime adaptation, especially at that budget.

And I’m hardly a fan of a lot of live-action adaptations of animated productions that exist solely to purge animation as if it has an inherent flaw to it.

And I find it bothersome that a predominantly Japanese cast is a problem, even in a setting that is inspired by European culture, while whitewashing in Death Note (which you should not watch) and Ghost in the Shell is overlooked.

But the director does know that Gintama is supposed to be silly, right?

I mean…Just watch this.

Just for Fun

Blue Exorcist stage play has new art.

You can never have enough bishie Edgar Allan Poe-inspired content–although the lack of a raccoon is troubling.


Speaking of which, to review: we still don’t have a Bungo Stray Dogs dub, and a new mobile game is coming out.

New Releases

Discotek will release Barefoot Gen.

Sentai releases a dub preview of Flying Witch.

Eureka 7 and A Certain Magical Index films come to CrunchyRoll.

The Tokyo Ghoul live-action film comes to United States theaters.

The director behind Cowboy Bebop is making a Blade Runner animated short? Sold.


Anime Expo prices go up in October.

My Hero Academia

The Smash manga spinoff ends in November.

Season 2 of the anime ends September 30.

Anime and manga reviews will return to this site soon, since I’ve been busy with…


And that makes me a hero. (Not, it does not.)

My colleague Stevi Grimm and I are accepting abstracts for our session “Teaching Anime and Manga” for an April 2018 panel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Submit 300-word abstracts and short bios online before September 30 at Travel funding is available.


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