Fandom Report for Jul 7 2017: Anime Expo follow up

A lot to cover: cosplay, new merch, new releases, and my presentations at AX 2017.

Anime Expo

Up-to-the-minute reports and reactions were shared on Twitter and will be discussed further at JAMS Anime.

After live-tweeting the Fullmetal Alchemist live-action film preview and the English dubs of Digimon Tri: Confession and Anohana, my organized reviews of all will be online next week.

My two presentations at Anime Expo–first on nostalgia, fan communities, and Servamp, second on pulling anime and manga into your term papers and syllabi via Bungo Stray Dogs–will be online next week.

Funimation brought My Hero Academia designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi to Los Angeles. He and Chris Sabat, the English actor behind All Might, did dueling artwork. While Sabat’s stick figure art of No Might was impressive, Umakoshi’s art of All Might, Izuku, and his own Quirk-powered rage monster avatar were better.

Cosplay at Anime Expo

Adam Savage brought his Totoro cosplay.

A cosplayer made their own copy of Izuku’s notebook.

Other Cons

Max Mittleman and more come to CrunchyRoll Expo in August.

Josh Grelle returns to South Florida’s Supercon at the end of July.

Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima comes to New York Comic Con in October.

New Manga Releases

Viz is releasing Neko Atsume and new editions of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Silver Spoon returns to manga August 18, and Yen Press has licensed the manga.

Seven Seas is releasing Nameless Asterism, Space Dandy, and more Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, with more of their series available through CrunchyRoll.

Coming to Movie Theaters

Miyazaki’s Lupin the 3rd comes to United States theaters.

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry and Eureka Seven are coming to United States theaters.


Aniplex dubs come exclusively to Hulu.

Toonami’s Lupin the 3rd to streaming at Funimation.

Hunter x Hunter leaves Netflix at the end of July.

My Hero Academia simuldub will continue through the summer.

New Japanese Home Video

A new Gurren Lagann home video set for about $250 comes to Japan.

United States Home Video and English Dubs

Akira gets a box set.

The JoJo home video release will have actual subtitles.

Ranma ½ gets remastered films and OVA on home video.

Ranma ½ gets remastered films and OVA on home video.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 will be dubbed into English.

Funimation is selling the disembodied head of Speed Racer.

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga comes to home video in November.

Ushio & Tora home video pre-orders available for its English dub–along with a replica spear.

Funimation is releasing to home video Dragon Ball Super, Space Dandy, D. Gray-Man, and Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans.

It’s great that you keep announcing Bungo for a home video release, CrunchyRoll. You know what would be better? A date. And an English dub cast list.


Toonami loses the 11:00 PM time slot.

JoJo: Stardust Crusaders comes to Toonami.

Upcoming Anime and Live-Action Releases

The cast for Castlevania animated is announced.

Bleach live-action comes to theaters Summer 2018.

The FLCL trailer was previewed, along with its poster.

LeSean Thomas’s Children of Ether will premiere in theaters.

Ito’s Haunted House is getting animated. (Triggers for horror content)

After narrating the trailer, Stan Lee will act in his own series The Reflection.

New artwork of My Hero Academia villains and heroes appear for the new anime episodes.

Bungo Stray Dogs previews its OVA, adapting a chapter from the manga–only now with Chuuya.

The Gintama anime returns, and Koichi Yamadera will reprise his role as Yoshida in the live-action film.

New Merch

Hello Kitty meets Sonic the Hedgehog.

Hey, it’s that guy from the Animal Crossing artwork!

Kotobukiya has new Fullmetal Alchemist and Batman figures and phone charms.

More News

Artland Inc has filed for bankruptcy.


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