Fandom Report for June 28, 2017: Heading out to Anime Expo!

I’ll be presenting at Anime Expo and reporting from there for JAMS Anime. Check Twitter for more updates from Los Angeles starting on Friday!


Take a look at travel advice for getting to your favorite anime convention.

Doug Erholtz is at Anime Expo, along with a My Hero Academia panel, a Lupin the III screening, and a first look at Fate/Apocrypha.


Gainax is ordered to pay royalties to Hideaki Anno.

Now online

The Blue Fire live-action series is now streaming on Viki.


Women Write About Comics talk queer anime fashion.


Yusuke Murata (One Punch Man) draws Dragon Ball.


Nendoroids bring Tanya the Evil, Kirby, and Ed Elric.

Video Games

Take a look at the Nintendo additions to Universal Studios Orlando.

The Super Mario Odyssey theme is now 8-bit.

Seven Deadly Sins comes to PS4.

A mini-SNES is coming this fall.

Pikachu is now on your marriage certificate.


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