Fandom Report for Jun 21 17: ‘Bungo’ trailer drops

The Bungo Stray Dogs trailer and new poster are out. Still waiting for an English dub of the show, Funimation.

Meet Sanji’s dad.

Here’s the Attack on Titan Season 3 preview.

The live-action Gintama film gets two new videos, one on the adaptation from the manga, one on the Shinsengumi.

You have to be rather ignorant to not only get the nation wrong but pretend there is a successor to Toonami when Toonami is still on the air–thriving and, minus some lackluster series, still holding up. Good on Jeff Harris.

Video Games

Nintendo takes over Osaka’s airport.

Assassination Classroom comes to VR.

Former Konami employees are getting blacklisted.

Time to get some help finding your Switch controller.

Atari is making a new console. If you remember the original Atari: congratulations, you’re old.

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